Sue Lehman is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor residing in Redondo Beach, CA. She has been teaching for the past thirteen years and has been  practicing yoga since her teens. She received her first certification to teach in 1997 from Samata International school of yoga, specializing in Vini Yoga. Since then, Sue has continued to study with master teachers from around the world and has been certified in Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Infusion Yoga, Yoga With Weights, Seniors and Chair Yoga and Meditation.

In addition to teaching classes at Beach Cities Health District , Sue teaches On The Beach Saturday mornings in Hermosa Beach. She also leads retreats and workshops.

Sue also travels to homes through out the South Bay,  Palos Verdes and  Rolling Hills teaching personalized sessions to individuals and small groups in their home or office.

Sue believes, in the coming years, holistic approaches to wellness, which focus on the mind/body connection, the quality of life and the integration of all facets of the person, will be increasingly important within the mainstream community.

According to Sue, "Yoga is for everyone; babies, children, men and women alike, regardless of age or physical condition. Yoga teaches you to be in the present moment and that you are perfect in this moment. Yoga also helps you to get in touch with your body and breath. It helps to reduce stress, increase flexibility and balance, builds strength, eases symptoms of menopause, helps facilitate a healthy pregnancy and helps slow down the aging process."

It is never too late to start!

Therapeutic Grade Young Living  Essential Oils are also a big part of her life. Sue uses them topically, internally, inhaling and diffusing them to help balance and support her physical and emotional  health.  The great by product of sharing the oils is a  nice second income.

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